Custom of Fantasy & Art Doll

Fantasy & Art Doll

Any type of goods has its mass and niche markets, Figurine designer, of course, too, Fantasy & Art Doll features is designer’s strong style, whether it is because the designer with artistic background to design the doll is more like a art, or is because the designer with the idea of the ancient spirit demon, making the works show a fantasy style. Regardless of the reason why, the figures are because the shape is too unique and very small minority, although the shape not flattering, but have a great personality! In order to obtain a game player recognition of personal independence of conduct.

Fashion dolls brand definition

Fashion dolls

Both doll designer or toy store, as long as brand design or doll role started high popularity and visibility, naturally extends out of the merchandise, which to fashion for the bulk, this is fashion brand dolls custom.
This type of doll, usually of sculpt design is very strong, so that players impression deep, in order to further extend the apparel commodity related; at the same time, the designer of cross-border or international cooperation situation is very common, often launched a variety of CO branded goods, play one plus one is greater than two super popular effect, become a force Doll Collectors of fine.

The dolls in convenience store

bobblehead dolls

Dolls has small instrument creation material, style and subject matter more and more diversified, designer of the world transnational cooperation or cross-border cooperation brand in different fields (designer) is also increasingly popular, let dolls this culture has become increasingly active, and stirring up a lot of new and interesting creative design.

Due to the creation of the dolls and so multifarious, the book according to the current trend of development summed up the six categories: convenience store dolls, fashion brand dolls, Fantasy & art dolls, healing dolls, guest of gift dolls, parent-child creation dolls. The following is the Custom bobblehead dolls design feature presentation:

Borrow by the city and the strongest pathway system: chain business to marketing dolls, it is said to have the maximum effect of collector dolls. Just by this way to the exposure of the dolls brand or role, visibility will definitely become known to every family especially from silent.

Convenience store dolls features will launch a whole series and take random lottery players used, regardless of local own or is well-known foreign role authorization because barriers to entry is not high, buy convenient locations and a lot of advertising and create the unstoppable national dolls collection of heat.

What is the doll?


Superman Bobbleheads

2002 years I worked as a fashion magazine editor in chief, in a drawn work, contact at that time in Hong Kong most this kind of toy called “doll”. Henceforth I fondle admiringly, and “doll” a word borrowed by the negative responsibility trend magazine reported rice, became the first exposure to the name of the print media Hugh.

Over the past few years “doll” charm is increasingly, used the fans continued rapid growth, from early access to now even convenience store are trafficking: add on numerous media reports and related exhibitions have been held in, “doll” used hot oneself like a national campaign to spread, and styles of the products is more and more, take advantage of drive up used fans want history to deeply understand the “doll” world all intelligence.

In fact, the origin of the name “doll”, is on in Hong Kong to toy dolls (Figure) and humanoid known as, but a lot of people are misunderstanding the meaning of the term, that only glial toy is a doll. If the objective explanation, as long as human or animal figures, whether it is any kind of material to make, can be ascribed to such. For example: a box made of cloth villi doll, glial play with Gashapon, wooden puppet dolls, paper three-dimensional humanoid works… Can be styled “Custom Bobbleheads“.